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Sun, Aug 13, 2017
32 mins 38 secs
Week 6 of a series of messages from the Beatitutdes.
Sun, Aug 06, 2017
30 mins 47 secs
Week 5 of a series of messages on the Beatitudes.
Sun, Jul 30, 2017
34 mins
Week 4 of the series on the Beatitudes.
Mon, Jul 10, 2017
33 mins 12 secs
So, you think you've got it all together? Jesus reminds us that until we understand our dependency on God...until we understand that we are numbered among the poor in spirit...then we will never reach out to the One that can bring hope, meaning, and purpose to our lives.
Mon, Jun 26, 2017
38 mins 50 secs
When is the last time you experienced something that changed your life in ways that you never dreamed? James shows us that no matter where we begin, no matter what our history looks like, God gives us the opportunity to have our lives changed and allow us to experience His forgiveness, His mercy, love, and grace. In addition, we can experience a life that is far greater than anything we ever dreamed.
Mon, Jun 19, 2017
25 mins 12 secs
Clayton Hershner's first sermon at MGCC. A special tribute to fathers.
Mon, Jun 12, 2017
32 mins 10 secs
Jesus was generally full of love and compassion for those who came to hear Him. However, there were times, as when speaking with the religious leaders, that Jesus cut to the heart of the matter and spoke words that were often harsh. Jesus wanted them and us to understand that it was important to look good, but that it was more important to be good. The question is, "Are we willing to change in order to become the kind of people that Jesus wants us to be?"
Sun, Jun 04, 2017
31 mins 5 secs
One of the common desires of people looking to buy or rennovate a home is an open concept. Nearly everyone is wanting to create a Great Room where everything will flow together. In a similar way, there may be some walls that need to come down in order to improve your relationship with you spouse, your friends, or to improve your relationship with God. Great relationships require open communication.
Sun, May 28, 2017
38 mins 3 secs
Some of blessed to have come from a long line of Christian family. However, maybe in your family a strong faith skipped a generation or maybe you're the first in your family to have a faith in Christ. Either way, you need to work to pass on your faith to your kids and your grandchildren. Word to pay it forward.
Sun, May 21, 2017
29 mins 16 secs
We all need a little renovation. We are all fixer uppers. As we take a look under the surface and honestly see ourselves as we are, most of us will admit that there are a few things that need to be carried to the dumpster. It's demo day and there are just a few things that need to go!
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